7 Tips To Keep Your House Clean This Winter

Happy December 21st! It is now officially winter! We are already familiar with spring cleaning, but here at Wasatch House Cleaning, we believe that there is another time of year that is just as or maybe even more important when it comes to deep cleaning your home. Winter is the time of year where most people are shut inside more often than in the summer. Shut in with all the germs that circulate making you and your family sick. If you want to avoid getting sick as much as you can deep cleaning your home is a great way to start.

Durning this time of year even the most seemingly benign objects such as doorknobs and TV remotes can be the culprit for spreading sickness to the whole family.

Below is a list of things to pay attention to as you winterize the inside of your home for the optimal health of you and your family.

  1. Change furnace filters.  Furnaces are wonderful for keeping our homes warm, but when the filters are dirty they can contribute to making everyone sick! Make sure your filters are clean to avoid allergens in the air.
  2. Clean ceiling fan blades. Ceiling fan blades are another area where dust can collect unnoticed for months at a time-understandably so. So be sure to wipe them down to eliminate the culminating dust in your home.
  3. Clean doorknobs. Door knobs are perhaps the biggest culprits when it comes to unintentionally spreading germs. How many times have people sneezed on their hands only to touch a doorknob or any other surface without even thinking about it?
  4. Make sure sinks are sufficiently kept and have soap at all times.  A lot happens in the bathroom and it can be a cesspool for sicknesses when not cleaned regularly. It also important to make sure the hand soap is always full so you and your family can regularly wash your hands. This act alone stops many sicknesses right in its tracks!
  5. Wash & Dust chandeliers and light fixtures. Chandeliers and lights fixtures are more objects where the collection of dust is easily overlooked.
  6. Winterize entryways and windows.  During this time of year, it is always good to make sure that no unwanted cold air is getting into your warm home through cracks in doorways or old windows. Make sure your family will stay nice and warm to avoid sickness.
  7. Keep home sufficiently warm with little temperature variance.  Sometimes deciding on what temperature the house should be is a challenge, but once that decision has been made make sure your house stays in roughly same temperature range to encourage homeostasis in the body.

Does this all seem a bit overwhelming? Contact Wasatch House Cleaning today! We will keep your family healthy by keeping your house clean this winter season!


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