Wasatch House Cleaning


Quality House Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City Utah

Wasatch House Cleaning is a locally owned and operated business offering eco-friendly products and cleaning services tailored to your individual needs.

We use products that are Green Seal Certified to ensure a safe and thorough cleaning of your home.

Our vacuums are equipped with four level filtration that filters 99.9% of particles 1 micron or larger, effectively capturing dust mites, bacteria, pollen, pet dander and mold to improve the air quality of your home. We use washable cleaning cloths to prevent waste.

Our goal is to offer you exceptional cleaning while providing you with a healthier environment.

We are a professional house cleaning company, owned and operated locally, more than 18 years in the business of house cleaning services in Salt Lake City Utah and surrounding areas.

We love what we do and we value our clients and the environment.