Yearly Archives: 2016

7 Tips To Keep Your House Clean This Winter

Happy December 21st! It is now officially winter! We are already familiar with spring cleaning, but here at Wasatch House Cleaning, we believe that there is another time of year that is just as or maybe even more important when it comes to deep cleaning your home. Winter is the time of year where most…
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100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have To Clean Your Home

Do you have too much time on your hands now that you have someone cleaning your home? More realistically are you thinking about hiring a cleaning maid, but you're not sure what you will do with all the extra time that she will free up for you? Or most realistically, are you thinking about hiring…
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Keep Bugs Out of Your House This Summer!

Summer is  fast approaching and in the hot Utah desert it is more than understandable that you  may opt out of having fun in the summer sun and stay inside where it’s cool every now and then. But, you’re not the only one who will seek refuge in your air conditioned home. Your refreshingly cool…
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