100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have To Clean Your Home

Do you have too much time on your hands now that you have someone cleaning your home? More realistically are you thinking about hiring a cleaning maid, but you're not sure what you will do with all the extra time that she will free up for you? Or most realistically, are you thinking about hiring a cleaning service for your home, but you're struggling to realize the value of having someone clean your home besides having a clean home?

We live in a society that pressures everyone-women especially-to be able to "do it all".  The Bottom line is you don't HAVE to "do it all." Life is hard enough as it is. Time is finite and the list of things to do before you kick the bucket is endless!

So, why not outsource the responsibility of keeping your house clean onto someone else so you can concentrate more on work, family, crazy adventures, friends and so much more.

In other words, put the mop down and let Wasatch House Cleaning take care of  you!

Here's a list of 100 legal, fun, silly, and new things you can do when you don't have to worry about cleaning your home.

  1. Learn a language! Have you always wanted to be bi-lingual, tri-lingual or more-lingual but just could never find the time? With all the apps and resources out there you can easily learn this skill on your own time!
  2. Learn an instrument. Violin, guitar and piano are all amazing instruments to know how to play. When you don't have to constantly worry about whether you've swept the floors or if the dishwasher has been loaded you can devote the time required to become great with any instrument!
  3. Read your favorite novels. Wasn't there another Harry Potter book released?
  4. Meditate.  Take some time to breathe during your busy day.
  5. Get ahead in your career. Are you so close to getting that promotion but need a little extra time to make sure your nab it?
  6. Spend more quality time with your children(if you have any)
  7. Spend more quality with your husband, boyfriend/significant other
  8. Own a pet with one less thing to worry about 😉
  9. Take a midnight train going anywhere
  10. Take up a yoga class
  11.  Take up a side gig, freelance job etc.
  12. Run a marathon
  13. Go hiking: Living along the Wasatch Front there are so many beautiful places to hike!
  14. Spend more time with your friends: They miss you and you miss them!
  15. Learn pottery
  16. Go shopping. Treat Yo Self
  17. Start a blog
  18. Cook - no one likes to make food in a kitchen that is perpetually dirty
  19. Go on a cruise!
  20. Sell something at a Farmer's Market $$$

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have To Clean Your Home: Host A Party

  1. Host a party because cleaning is one less thing you have to worry about!
  2. Have your friends over more often without having to deal with the stress of shoving everything into your closet right before everyone shows up!
  3. Help your kids with their homework
  4. Take the kids to the zoo, or if you don't have any kids, take yourself to the zoo,  or go with a friend
  5. Go eat out! Again, treat yo self!
  6. Write a letter - it's a fading art
  7. Go see an indie film, just because you can
  8. Go to a hair school
  9. Become an esthetician
  10. Coach a kids' soccer team
  11. Become a dance teacher: All that newly cleaned space in your home can now be put to good use!
  12. Spend all day at an amusement park
  13. Volunteer locally
  14. Adopt a highway
  15. Go vegan:  apparently becoming a true vegan requires a lot of time of food prep so quick! Times a wasting!
  16. Throw a Movie Night!
  17. Catch up on your favorite TV shows:
  18. Save money- if you have a great cleaner chances are you finally spending a little less on cleaning supplies 😉
  19. Go on a weekend get a way: Now that your Saturday mornings are free from having to clean why not?
  20. Learn how to knit

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have To Clean Your Home: Reach Out

  1. Reach out to an old friend
  2. Call your mom, and other family members who want to hear from you 😉
  3. Write in a journal
  4. Clear out your inbox
  5. Organize tax info: Do you really want to put that off till April?
  6. Network- go out and make new friends!
  7. Write down your life goals
  8. Exercise/go to a local gym
  9. Prep.  Prep for the next day a work, help your kids prep for school tomorrow, prep for the vacation you can now go on with all your spare time
  10. Show up to an interview, meeting, dinner early
  11. Learn to program- in between jobs? Use all that spare time to learn a skill that is irresistible for hiring companies to pass up!
  12. Make a quilt
  13. Garden. Grow some yummy fruits and veggies!
  14. Go visit that one friend who lives on the other side of the globe.
  15. Join an improve club: Have a fear of standing up in front of people? This could be a great way to conquer it!
  16. Take up scrapbooking. Also a fading art
  17. Re-learn how to ride a bike
  18. Take a nap on a hammock
  19. Become a DJ
  20. Go to a concert

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have To Clean Your Home: Go Camping

  1. Go camping
  2. Learn how to swim
  3. Go star gazing
  4. Go to a science museum
  5. Make homemade ice cream
  6. Spend some quality time reading and working at yuor favorite coffeehouse
  7. Go horseback riding
  8. Go paragliding
  9. Go cave diving/spelunking
  10.  Go skydiving
  11. Volunteer with a political campaign of your choice
  12. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  13. Learn a new crockpot recipe
  14. Learn to feng shui your home!
  15. Collect lint: They're good for starting fires in times of emergency
  16. Practice your interior design skillz
  17. Learn how to fly a plane!
  18. Try long boarding: It's scary but fun!
  19. Learn how to surf
  20. Go kayaking

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have To Clean Your Home: Get a professional massage

  1. Get a professional massage
  2. Hit the slopes! Take up skiing or snowboarding
  3. Take a shop class
  4. Learn graphic design
  5. Take up photography
  6. Take up calligraphy
  7. Participate in a community talent show
  8. Learn how to use a Dvorak Keyboard....its the next big thing
  9. Play and beat a video game: Eh, just to say you did it?
  10. Collect stamps...chances are you won't even be tempted to use them! 🙂
  11. Make yummy fruit smoothies. Perfect your craft!
  12. Make a short film or a music video!
  13. Start a YouTube Channel
  14. Get 10,ooo followers on Instagram! Do it! Do it!
  15. Build a sandcastle
  16. Go fishing
  17. Go to a Drive In movie
  18. Take a road trip on the Route 66. Well...you can take a road trip that will go through all the cities in the song despite the fact that Route 66 has been out of commission for some time 😉
  19. Go visit an old folks home
  20. Update your bucket list now that you have all this free time and new ideas!

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